Manistee Area Schools
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In compliance with law, the Board of Education may require students to submit to periodic health examinations to:

 A.protect the school community from the spread of communicable disease;

 B.determine that each student's participation in health, safety, and physical education courses meets his/her individual needs;

 C.determine that the learning potential of each child is not lessened by a remediable, physical disability.

The District shall specify the need for services which may include, but not be limited to:

 A.student physical examinations;

 B.athlete physical examinations; examinations;

 D.tests for communicable disease; screening;

 F.audiometric screening;

 G.scoliosis test.

Any health services program should also include instruction to staff members on the observance of students for conditions that indicate physical defect or disability.

The Board shall directly notify the parents of students, at least annually at the beginning of the school year, of the specific or approximate dates during the school year when any non-emergency, invasive physical examination or screening is scheduled or expected to be scheduled for students if the examination or screening is: (1) required as a condition of attendance; (2) administered by the school and scheduled by the school in advance; and (3) not necessary to protect the immediate health and safety of a specific student, or other students.

The term "invasive physical examination" means any medical examination that involves the exposure of private body parts, or any act during such examination that includes incision, insertion, or injection into the body, but does not include a hearing, vision or scoliosis screening.

20 U.S.C. 1232(h)

Revised 4/9/03