Manistee Area Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education establishes the following policy for determining eligibility to attend the schools of this District.

 A.The Board will educate, tuition-free, students who are legal residents of the District. Proof of residency will be required for registration in the District. Legal residency means a student is residing with his/her parents, legal guardians, or a resident relative with power of attorney over the student. A student may attend school in this District tuition free if a parent or legal guardian is a legal resident of the District, regardless of whether the parent or legal guardian has actual custody of the student. Legal residency, when living with a relative, must be based on the need for a suitable home and not for educational purposes.
  If the student temporarily resides in another school district but attends school in this District (where one (1) parent resides), it is the obligation of the parents to provide transportation for the student from the home of the nonresident, custodial parent.

 B.The District shall provide a free education to those students who are considered by Federal law to be illegal aliens or considered to be homeless by State established criteria.

 C.A student who is resident within the District by order of a juvenile or probate court or placed in the District as a ward of the State by an authorized agency shall be admitted tuition free.

 D.Any student who enrolls in the District under the Districtís schools of choice program shall be admitted tuition free.

 E.A child who is placed in foster care by a court of competent jurisdiction shall be admitted tuition free, without regard to residency, to a school within the District, as selected by the State Department of Human Services or the child placing agency responsible for placement of that child.

 F.Foreign students, participating in a bona fide, foreign-exchange program and living with a resident host family, will be admitted tuition-free.

 G.Students whose parents do not reside within the District but who present evidence that they will move into the District within a short period of time may enroll in the schools of this District as tuition students for the time not in residence.

 H.Twelfth grade students who have begun their work toward graduation from the District's high school and whose parents no longer reside within the District may be permitted to complete their high school education as tuition students.

 I.A resident student, otherwise eligible to attend school in the District, may be denied admission if s/he has a record of behavior that the Superintendent believes would constitute a threat to the safety and well-being of staff and other students.

 J.A nonresident student placed with the District for educational reasons by a juvenile or probate court order shall be admitted tuition free.

 K.Students enrolled in the special education program of this District whose parents do not reside within the District may attend as tuition students.

 L.Nonresidents may be accepted into the District's Adult Education Classes upon payment of the appropriate fees.

 M.Nonresident students may be accepted into the District's Summer School Program.

 N.A student who is the child of a person who is employed by the District, including an adopted child or legal ward.

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Revised 10/11/95
Revised 10/10/96
Revised 10/10/01
Revised 2/12/05
Revised 3/9/11