Lapeer County Intermediate School District
Administrative Guidelines


Section 5 of the Michigan Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) states that written denials, in whole or in part, for information requested under the Freedom of Information Act must include "a full explanation of the requesting person's right to seek judicial review." This explanation must include a notification of the person's potential "right to receive attorney fees and damages."

On _________________________________, the District received your request under the Freedom of Information Act for ___________________________________

We have denied your request for this material for the reason(s) that:

(Be sure to give an explanation of all reasons for denying the request, including those found in Sections 10 and 13 of the Freedom of Information Act, M.C.L.A. 15.243. Include as many reasons for denial as can reasonably be claimed since reasons which are relied on later but which are not stated in the denial letter may be determined to have been raised in an untimely fashion.)

We will be able to provide the information your requested but will need five (5) days to retrieve it and prepare a copy.

(Be sure to idicate the number of days which may not exceed ten (10) and provide the reason for the extension beyond five (5) days.)

If certain information contained in a public record which you have decided to disclose is being separated or deleted, the statute requires that a description of that separated or deleted information be included.

Revised 8/97