Lakeview Public Schools
Administrative Guidelines


Any student organization or District-support organization that seeks to raise funds by means of food or beverage sales must comply with the following guidelines in order to obtain approval for such sales on District premises:

 A.No sales may take place during the hours that the District is providing food service to students.

 B.Items sold through vending machines must comply with the conditions stated in Board policy 8540 - Vending Machines.

 C.A plan must be submitted which describes:

  1.the items to be vended;

  2.the time, date, and location at which the items will be sold;

  3.the provisions for proper preparation of the food and/or beverage items;

  4.the provisions for the proper sanitation during and after the vending of the items and for the proper clean-up of the area(s), when applicable; the funds will be safe-guarded during and after the vending of the items;

  6.the extent to which students are to be involved in the vending of the items and how much of their school and/or study time will be used for the planning and conduct of the activity.

 D.The plan is to be submitted to the Superintendent at least thirty (30) days prior to the fund-raising activity.

The sponsor of the activity must agree that the activity will be in compliance with all District policies and administrative guidelines related to food service and fund-raising.