Kent City Community Schools
Bylaws & Policies


As part of its commitment to providing appropriate educational opportunities for all of the children who reside in the District, the Board of Education shall consider applications for the establishment of a charter school within the boundaries of the District.


For any application to be considered, it must include the following:

 A.the name of the applicant

 B.a listing of the board of directors of the charter school or a description of the method that will be used to select board members and the qualifications which each must meet (see below for Board guidelines)

 C.the proposed Articles of Incorporation which shall include:

  1.the name of the proposed charter school

  2.the purpose of the charter school

  3.the name of this school district

  4.the date when the Articles of Incorporation shall become effective

  5.any unique information in the Articles

 D.the proposed bylaws of the board of directors which shall include:

  1.the structure for governing the charter school

  2.the age and grade range of students who will be enrolled

  3.the educational goals, the curriculum by which the goals will be accomplished, and the methods by which student achievement will be assessed

  4.the policy by which students shall be admitted to the charter school which must be consistent with M.C.L.A. 380.504 and applicable sections of this Board policy 5111 - Eligibility of Resident Students

  5.the yearly school calendar and the school day schedule

 E.job descriptions for each member of the staff and a description of the administrative structure of the charter school

  1.the location of the charter school

  2.a description of the physical plant

  3.assurances that the charter school has policies and guidelines necessary to be in compliance with safety and equity regulations required by Federal and State agencies


This Board establishes the following requirements for establishing a charter school's board of directors:

 A.The board must consist of not less than five (5) nor more than seven (7) members all of whom must be residents of this District.

 B.The term of office of each board member shall be four (4) years.

 C.The ethnic and racial composition of the board shall reflect that of the community(s) served by this District.

 D.The original members of the board shall be selected by the incorporators of the charter school and be approved by this Board.

 E.Subsequent members of the board shall be selected by a majority vote of the existing board and the approval of this Board.

 F.The existing board may remove a board member for good cause upon a two-thirds vote of the board. A vacancy on the board will be created for the same reasons that a vacancy is created in this Board.

Upon receipt of the application, the Superintendent shall ensure that it is dated and submitted to appropriate members of the District staff for review and recommendations within a reasonable time period. The application shall be analyzed to ensure that the proposed operation complies with the requirements established in Public Act 25 amendments to the School Code.

Based on the recommendations, the Board shall disapprove the application, return it for modifications, or approve the charter school.

If the application is approved, the charter school shall enter into a formal agreement with the Board concerning the operation of the charter school. The charter school shall submit on a continuing basis the policies and administrative guidelines by which the charter school will operate. Such policies and guidelines shall consist of those required by law as well as those reflective of proper management in each of the following areas:

 A.administration and management of the school

 B.educational program of the school

 C.personnel practices and procedures

 D.student enrollment, activities, conduct, and discipline

 E.budgeting, purchasing, and accounting management, maintenance, and use records and school operations

 H.relations with the Kent City Public Schools and the community

The Superintendent shall be the contact person for anyone interested in establishing a charter school and shall be responsible for developing whatever guidelines that will be needed to facilitate the review of applications and the monitoring and assessment of any charter school the Board authorizes.

M.C.L.A. 380.501 et seq

Adopted 12/12/94