Kent City Community Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education directs that all reasonable efforts be made to ensure a safe learning and working environment for the students and employees of this District. To that end and to the end that legitimate employee claims for worker's compensation be expedited, the Board requires that accidents be reported and evaluated. Any accident that results in an injury, however slight, to a student, an employee of the Board, or a visitor to the schools must be reported promptly and in writing to the District business office. Injured persons shall be referred immediately to the school nurse for such medical attention as may be appropriate.

The injured employee or visitor or the staff member responsible for an injured student shall complete a form that includes the date, time, and place of the incident; the names of persons involved; the nature of the injury to the extent that it is known; and a description of all relevant circumstances.

Any employee of the Board who suffers a job-related injury must report the injury and its circumstances to the building administrator or job supervisor, as appropriate, as soon as possible following the occurrence of the injury. The failure of an employee to comply with this mandate may result in disciplinary action.