Kent City Community Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The following guidelines will govern the personal use of the District's technology by staff member's as well as use for school purposes by either staff or students.

 A.No staff member or student will be allowed access to the Internet or other networks without first signing the Ethical Use Agreement Form. All student use of the Internet must be under the supervision of a staff member or approved volunteer.

 B.Request to use personal software by student or staff is to be submitted to the technology coordinator before any personal software is used in District technology.

 C.Neither staff members or students are to use the Internet for discriminatory, or unlawful purposes but only for purposes related to the District's educational program or to operational needs.

 D.Each staff member and student will be provided a password for use with District technology with the provision that the password is not to be shared with others. The existence of a password does not guarantee confidentiality or privacy and the District retains the right to use any person's password to monitor the type of use that is being made of District technology.

 E.With regard to personal E-mail, staff members may use it to send and/or receive personal message providing such use is limited to nonduty time and does not involve the conduct of any discriminatory or unlawful business.

Use of all other District technology shall be in accord with Policy 7510 Property - Use of School Facilities.

Students are allowed to send or receive personal E-mail with the consent of the classroom instructor.

Adopted 11/10/97