Kent City Community Schools
Bylaws & Policies


Respect for law and for those persons in authority shall be expected of all students. This includes conformity to school rules as well as general provisions of law regarding minors. Respect for the rights of others, consideration of their privileges, and cooperative citizenship shall also be expected of all members of the school community.

Respect for real and personal property, pride in one's work, achievement within the range of one's ability; and exemplary personal standards of courtesy, decency, and honesty shall be maintained in the schools of this District.

The Superintendent shall establish procedures to carry out Board policy and philosophy, and shall hold all school personnel, students, and parents responsible for the conduct of students in schools and on school vehicles.

Discipline on District vehicles shall be the responsibility of the driver on regular bus runs. When District vehicles are used for field trips and other District activities, however, the teacher, coach, or advisor shall be responsible for student discipline. If a student becomes a serious discipline problem on the vehicle, the Superintendent may suspend the transportation privileges of the student providing such suspension conforms with due-process.

No student is to be detained after the close of the regular school day unless the parents of the student have been contacted and informed that their child is to be detained.

Student conduct shall be governed by the rules and provisions of the Student Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct shall be reviewed annually.

M.C.L.A. 380.1261, 380.1300, 380.1311, 380.1312