Kent City Community Schools
Bylaws & Policies

5421 - GRADING

The Board of Education recognizes its responsibility for providing a system of grading student achievement that can help the student, teachers, and parents judge properly how well the student is achieving the goals of the District's program.

The Board believes that the District's grading system should be a reliable system and one that ensures each student's grades signify accurately his/her degree of accomplishment of those expected learning outcomes which are to be stated for each program at every grade level, kindergarten through twelve.

The Board directs the Superintendent to develop procedures for grading whereby the professional staff:

 A.develops clear, consistent criteria and standards particularly when grades are based on subjective assessment;

 B.helps each student understand in each course or program what behavior and/or achievement is needed to earn each grade as well as what will produce a failing grade;

 C.provides frequent opportunities for each student to obtain information as to his/her progress toward the learning goals of his/her courses or programs;

 D.provides students the opportunity to assess both their own achievements and their areas of difficulty.

The grading system should not inhibit the professional staff member from learning the strengths and weaknesses of each student on an individual basis.

The grading system should be subject to continual review by staff. Revisions shall be made only when such changes will assure a clearer, more valid, or more reliable system of grading.

The teacher responsible for a student's instruction in a particular course or program shall determine the student's grade. That grade may not be changed without the teacher's consent unless overruled by a review panel consisting of three (3) teachers selected by the bargaining unit, the Superintendent or designee, and a Board member. Should the Review Panel vote to alter the grade over the teacher's objection, the teacher may appeal the action to the Board, whose decision will be final.

M.C.L.A. 380.1249