Kent City Community Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education recognizes that the personal, social, physical, and educational growth of children will vary and that they should be placed in the educational setting most appropriate to their needs at the various stages of their growth.

It shall be the policy of the Kent City Board of Education that each student will be moved forward in a continuous pattern of achievement and growth that coincides with the system of grade levels. Such pattern should coincide with the system of grade levels established by this Board and the instructional objectives established for each.

The administration shall develop guidelines for promotion and retention of students which:

 A.require the recommendation of the classroom teacher for promotion or retention;

 B.require that parents are informed in advance of the possibility of retention of a student at a grade level;

 C.assure that every effort will be made to remediate the student's difficulties before s/he is retained;

 D.assign to the building principal the final responsibility for determining the promotion or retention of each student.

Exceptions to this continuous pattern policy will be made only in exceptional circumstances and with data from standardized norm-referenced testing and a full assessment. The Board of Education recognizes that the personal, social, physical, and educational growth of children will vary and that individualizing to meet the needs of a child sometimes/rarely means that the child should be advanced two grade levels. This grade advancement shall be authorized by the Superintendent in consultation with building principals, the school staff involved, and the parents. This practice is called grade advancement and is typically accomplished during the normal summer transition by advancing the child two grade levels instead of to the next succeeding grade level. On rare occasions, this may occur at mid-year.

A student will be grade advanced beyond the succeeding grade level when s/he has:

 A.Demonstrated excellent performance in the present grade level in all content areas

 B.Demonstrated excellent performance on a standardized norm-referenced test for the present grade level and the grade level into which the student may be advanced

 C.Demonstrates a love of learning and a desire to advance beyond the next succeeding grade level

 D.Demonstrated the degree of social, emotional, and physical maturity necessary for a successful learning experience in the future grade level

 E.In the opinion of the professional staff, consistently exceeds the instructional objective set for the present grade level (a recommendation will be obtained from staff through a questionnaire)

 F.In the opinion of the parents, the child consistently shows a love of learning and has consistently performed "above the normal" for his/her age (a recommendation will be obtained from parents through a questionnaire)

 G.The child and the parent demonstrate a willingness to enter into a collaborative process of screening, planning, and monitoring, and the child and parent accept the responsibility for all objectives that would have been "covered" in the grade level that is skipped

 H.The final responsibility for determining if grade advancement is appropriate rests with the building principal

Successful education planning for academically advanced students (gifted and talented) requires positive collaboration between parents, teachers, and principals. The Board, through this policy, directs the Superintendent to establish guidelines for staff and parents, which can be communicated to the parent of a child who may be considered for grade advancement.

Revised 6/06
Revised 4/07