Kent City Community Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education recognizes alcoholism and drug abuse as treatable illnesses. When such illnesses impair the performance of support staff, the Board recognizes a responsibility to assist in a manner recommended by appropriate specialist in the treatment of those illnesses.

A support employee having an illness or other problem relating to the use of alcohol or other drugs will receive the same careful consideration and offer of assistance that is presently extended to support staff having any other illness.

The responsibility to correct unsatisfactory job performance or behavior resulting from a suspected health problem rests with the support staff member. Failure to do so will result in appropriate corrective or disciplinary action as determined by the Board.

No support employee will have his/her job security or promotion opportunities jeopardized by his/her request for counseling or referral assistance.

Support personnel who suspect they may have an alcoholism or other drug abuse problem are encouraged to seek counseling and information on a confidential basis by contacting resources available for such service.