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An employment contract may be suspended or terminated, upon a majority vote of the Board of Education. In such cases, the Board shall abide by due process and such terms as may be set forth in a negotiated, collectively-bargained agreement, the Teacher Tenure Act or the individual contract, as applicable.

Employees and those under contract to work regularly and continuously in the schools, whether part-time or full-time, may not continue employment with the Board if a criminal history records check or other authoritative source reveals a conviction of a "listed" offense under M.C.L. 28.722.

Individuals convicted of a non-listed felony may not continue to work unless both the Superintendent and the Board give written approval. Such conviction(s) may subject professional staff to discharge or demotion of a teacher on continuing tenure. The State Board of Education will be notified of the report of conviction(s) as required by law.


A professional staff member may resign in accordance with the terms of the negotiated, collectively-bargained agreement or his/her employment contract.

An administrator may resign by filing a written resignation with the Superintendent at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of the resignation.

A resignation, once accepted, may not then be rescinded.

The Superintendent may act for the Board in the acceptance of a resignation.

M.C.L. 28.722, 38.74, 380.1230 et seq., 380.1535a

Revised 6/18/12

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