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The Board of Education, in its efforts to provide a quality education for the students of this District, shall review annually the State School Aid Act to determine any programs or incentives that offer additional revenues.

The Superintendent shall examine the requirements for each of the programs or incentives to determine which are feasible for this District and provide the Board with the necessary resolutions for those selected.

At Risk Funding

The State School Aid Act provides Section 31a funding for instructional and pupil support services who meet the at-risk identification characteristics specified.

At-risk characteristics include low achievement on State- or local-administered assessments in mathematics, English language arts, social studies or science; failure to meet proficiency standards in reading by the end of 3rd grade or career and college readiness for high school students at the end of 12th grade; a victim of child abuse or neglect; is a pregnant teenager or teenage parent; has a family history of school failure, incarceration or substance abuse; is a pupil in a priority or priority successor school; and in the absence of State or local assessment data, meets at least two or more identified risk factors.

Section 31a funds are limited to instructional services, and direct non-instructional services to pupils. They may not be used for administration or other related costs. The District shall implement multi-tiered systems of support, as required, in order to access such funding.

Annually, the Superintendent shall allocate such funding to appropriate programs and services based on District priorities. Section 31a funds may be used to provide an anti-bullying or crisis intervention program.

State School-Aid Act

Adopted 1/16/17

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