Kent City Community Schools
Bylaws & Policies


In accordance with the philosophy of the Board of Education to develop the special abilities of each student, the Board requires that appropriate instructional programs be conducted to meet the needs of gifted students in grades three (3) to twelve (12).

Gifted students shall be considered those who, through valid assessment, show one 1) or more of the following abilities:

 A.specific academic ability superior to that of children of the same age or grade level

 B.creative ability in a particular area superior to those of his/her peers

 C.superior leadership ability to that of his/her peers

The learning outcomes of a program for gifted students shall be related to:

 A.expansion of academic attainments and intellectual skills;

 B.stimulation of intellectual curiosity, independence, and responsibility;

 C.development of originality and creativity;

 D.development of positive attitude toward self and others;

 E.development of desirable social and leadership skills; exploration and awareness.

The Superintendent shall develop administrative guidelines which shall include those for valid identification, curriculum development and implementation, and assessment of the learning outcomes.

M.C.L.A. 380.1282