Kent City Community Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education, in compliance with State law, has adopted a comprehensive program of health education, known as the Michigan Model for Comprehensive School Health Education for grades K through 12 which will prepare students to maintain good health and enable them to adapt to changing health problems of our society.

The Board recognizes that this program, like others the District offers, may contain content and/or activities that some parents find objectionable. If after careful, personal review of the program lessons and materials, a parent files a complaint in accordance with Board Policy 9130 regarding either content or activities that conflict with his/her religious beliefs or value system, the school will honor a written request for his/her child to be excused from particular classes for specified reasons. The student, however, will not be excused from participating in the course and will be provided alternative learning activities during times of parent requested absences.

The Superintendent shall prepare administrative guidelines that will ensure:

 A.the health education program includes appropriate learning experiences related to such topics as use, abuse, and effects of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco; mental, physical, and dental health; disease prevention and control; accident prevention; and related health and safety topics;

 B.periodic evaluation of student understanding;

 C.continual analysis of the effectiveness of the programs and the accuracy, completeness, and relevancy of the information and instructional procedures.

In implementing these programs, the Superintendent may use whatever District and outside resources, including Department of Education guidelines and consultants, s/he deems appropriate.

M.C.L.A. 388.381 et seq., 380.1170, 380.1506/1507
A.C. Rule 388.271 et seq.

Revised 5/91