Kent City Community Schools
Bylaws & Policies


An "Understanding by Design Unit Template" or "Viable Curriculum Rubric" or similar guide may be prepared for each approved course of study or any other program in order to direct and assist the professional staff toward the attainment of course outcomes.

As appropriate to the course of study, each guide shall contain:

 A.enduring understanding, essential questions, and/or grade level content expectation or High School content expectations;

 B.the intended learning outcome(s);

 C.knowledge facts and skills needed to achieve those outcomes;

 D.assessment evidence that provides accountability of learning;

 E.appropriate materials and resources;

 F.suggested methods of instruction or learning activities.

Each curriculum guide is intended to provide a basic framework for instruction and learning, especially for new teacher. Within this framework, each teacher shall use the curriculum guide in a manner best designed to meet the needs of the students for whom s/he is responsible.

The Superintendent shall be responsible for the preparation of curriculum guides and shall develop a plan for such preparation which includes:

 A.the participation of appropriate staff members;

 B.continuing research in instructional methods, materials, and activities;

 C.systematic review of all curriculum guides to insure their continuing usefulness in achieving District goals;

 D.a system of administrative review to insure that curriculum guides are being followed by teaching staff members desired by the Board.

M.C.L.A. 380.1282

Revised 2/4/08