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Bylaws & Policies






Bylaws and Policies


The Board of Education shall adopt bylaws and policies for the organization and operation of this Board and the District.


Those bylaws and policies which are not dictated by the statutes or rules of the State Board of Education or ordered by the Superintendent of Public Instruction or a court of competent authority may be adopted, amended, and repealed at any meeting of the Board.


Bylaws and policies shall be adopted, amended, repealed, or suspended by a majority vote of the Board.


Periodically, it may be deemed necessary to make technical corrections to policies that have already been adopted through normal procedures. These technical corrections may include statutory references, scrivener’s errors, renumbering that does not change the order of the sections or subsections, grammatical corrections or additions including punctuation or typographical errors, as well as alterations and omissions not affecting the construction or meaning of any sections, subsections, chapters, titles, or policies as a whole. Technical corrections may also include the updating of the named individuals in these policies where the originally named individual no longer works for the District or no longer works in the applicable position. Should the Board choose to make such technical corrections, it may be accomplished by resolution without going through the normal policy adoption procedures.


The adoption, modification, repeal, or suspension of a Board bylaw or policy shall be recorded in the minutes of the Board. All bylaws and policies shall be printed in the Board policy manual. Any policy or part of a policy that is superseded by a term in a negotiated agreement shall no longer be in force and effect as a policy.


M.C.L. 380.1201 et seq.


Revised 7/21/14






Selection of Superintendent


The Board of Education shall exercise its executive power in part by the appointment of a Superintendent who shall enforce the statutes of the State of Michigan, rules of the State Board of Education, and the policies of this Board. (M.C.L.A. 380.132)



Administrative Guidelines


The Board shall delegate to the Superintendent the function of specifying required actions and designing the detailed arrangements under which School will be operated. These guidelines and other detailed arrangements shall constitute the administrative guidelines governing the schools. These administrative guidelines must, in every respect, be consistent with the policies adopted by the Board. The Board itself shall formulate and adopt administrative guidelines only when specific State laws require Board adoption or when the Superintendent recommends Board adoption. The Superintendent shall file a copy of each administrative guideline which s/he promulgates in the Board copy of the District's manual of administrative guidelines.


The Superintendent may prepare administrative guidelines for the administration of the schools which are not inconsistent with statutes or regulations of the State Board or the policies of this Board and which shall be binding on the employees of this District and the students in the schools of this District when issued.


The Superintendent shall be delegated the authority to take necessary action in circumstances not provided for in Board policy, provided that such action shall be reported to the Board at the meeting next following such action.


M.C.L.A. 380.132, 380.238, 380 1300





The Board of Education may assume jurisdiction over any dispute or controversy arising within this District and concerning any matter in which authority has been vested in the Board by statute, rule, a contract, or policy of this Board.


In furtherance of its adjudicatory function, the Board may hold hearings which shall offer the parties to a dispute, on notice duly given, a fair and impartial forum for the resolution of the matter.


Beyond the basic requirements of due process, a hearing may vary in form and content in line with the severity of the consequences which may flow from it, the degree of difficulty of establishing findings of fact from conflicting evidence, and the impact of the Board's decision on the School District.


Administrative guidelines for the conduct of adjudicatory hearings of the Board shall be prepared as guidelines for those who may be heard by the Board.


M.C.L.A. 380.1201

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