Kent City Community Schools
Administrative Guidelines


Any employee incurring an injury while engaged in his/her performance of District duties shall abide by the following procedures:

 A.The injured employee shall report to the job site office and complete Form 8442 F1 before reporting to an approved physician. The only exception will be if the injury is of such a nature that it requires immediate emergency attention. In that case, treatment should be undertaken and a report of the accident made to the central office at the earliest opportunity.

 B.The appropriate form shall be completed by the job site office for injuries involving outside medical costs and lost time injuries with less than seven (7) days disability.

 C.Except in emergencies, staff members are requested to use only hospitals and physicians approved by the central office and insurance carrier in the treatment of work-related injuries. Each school and department shall maintain a list of those hospitals and physicians approved for treatment of school employees.

 D.All necessary medical referrals shall be made only by physicians approved by the central office or insurance carrier. The central office must be notified of any referral. Upon completion of medical care by a specialist, the employee must first report back to the referring physician for release prior to returning to work.

 E.All physical examinations are to be given by an approved physician.