Kent City Community Schools
Administrative Guidelines


In-school suspension is a progressive discipline option that the principal may use to improve attendance and/or to modify student behavior and to monitor the student's behavior during the disciplinary process.

Students who have violated any section of the Code of Conduct may be assigned to in-school suspension at the principal's sole discretion.

In-School Suspension

As a means for keeping a student in school rather than suspending him/her to a potentially-unsupervised, out-of-school situation, the District has established an in-school suspension program. The student is not only removed from the classroom and assigned to a designated work area, s/he is also denied participation in any school activity for the length of the suspension. The same due process provided for out-of-school suspension shall apply.

The student's regular teacher(s) is to assign work related to a course of study for which the student will receive full credit.

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