Kent City Community Schools
Administrative Guidelines


There may be occasions when a student requests the opportunity to demonstrate reasonable mastery in a semester or year-long course offered at the high school, as authorized by the School Code.



It will be the responsibility of the principal to:



ensure that all departments prepare and submit an assessment process for all courses other than those excluded by State mandate or Board policy, that complies with the intent of the law;



ensure equal access to this process for all students;



maintain accurate and complete records of all such student requests, the assessments used, the results obtained, and the decision regarding the issuance of credit;



provide to the Superintendent, each semester, a report that lists all the students who participated, the courses involved, and a summary of the assessment results;



provide assessment schedules, an appropriate setting, and supervision for examinations and other forms of assessment required by the teacher;



notify the students and their parents regarding the student's performance and whether credit is issued.



It will be the responsibility of the teacher to prepare and submit, an assessment plan by which a student will be able to confirm mastery of the subject matter. The plan is to include:



the learning objectives for the course;



a written examination;



a portfolio, presentation, project, performance, research paper, or other form of assessment, if applicable;



the performance criteria by which the student may demonstrate proficiency at a C+ level and higher;



assurance that the assessment(s) and procedures required of students requesting test-out are comparable to those required of students taking the course and that the grading is based on the same criteria.


(For students who wish to test out of a foreign language not offered by the high school, the principal shall prepare the means by which the student's proficiency in the language can be assessed.)


The assessment plan will be approved by the principal.


In addition, the teacher shall:



provide students with:



the learning objectives for the course;



the course of study or syllabus;



a description of the examination/assessment;



review the student's performance on the assessments and report to the principal whether the student has demonstrated mastery.



Students will be required to: submit the required Form 5460B F1, at least five (5) days prior to the start of the class or classes.


At the end of each school year, the principal, together with appropriate staff, should conduct a follow-up to determine how well students who tested out of a course were able to perform in subsequent courses in the same content area.

Both students who tested out and teachers who had the students in the next sequenced class should be surveyed to determine the positive and negative effects. The principal will then determine whether or not credit should continue to be granted to students who test out of a course and also revise any of the test-out procedures described in this guideline.

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