Kent City Community Schools
Administrative Guidelines


The following guidelines shall be followed in assigning students to schools, classes, and grades. All inquiries regarding elementary and secondary school boundaries are to be directed to the Superintendent.

Class and Grade Assignment/Transfer



Assignments to class and grade shall be made by the principal after consultation with relevant staff.



Placement will be based on several factors including the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of the student as revealed by the use of available data and observations of the staff.



Each principal shall establish the criteria, including the intellectual, social, and emotional characteristics, by which students are assigned to classes and/or teachers or are transferred after initial assignment.


The following procedures shall be followed in a transfer of a student within a school:



A written request shall be made to the principal by the parent of the student, a professional staff member, or by a student. Transfer requests may also be initiated by the principal.



After consultation with the appropriate personnel, a determination regarding the validity of the request shall be made by the principal.



If the transfer request is initiated by the District or a minor student, parents shall be advised of the request and the reasons it will be beneficial to the student or is necessary to maintain program effectiveness. They shall be advised of their rights of appeal if they do not agree with the transfer.

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