Kent City Community Schools
Administrative Guidelines


The District recognizes the importance of a program designed for kindergarten-eligible children that addresses the individual needs of each child. The program allows children an opportunity to develop self-esteem, confidence, and emotional stability by providing a proper placement in a comfortable atmosphere that fosters success.

Kindergarten placement shall encompass the following:



Parents of kindergarten-eligible children shall be notified of an informational meeting to be held in the spring prior to anticipated fall admission.



Kindergarten-eligible children shall be registered prior to fall admission. Hearing, vision, speech, and language assessments will be administered in the spring. At the time of registration parents must present a birth certificate, proof of residency and any custodial arrangements, and must complete all required forms.



Kindergarten-eligible children will be tested by school staff prior to admission.


Upon completion, the test results will be reviewed by the school staff and a placement decision made by the principal and shared with parents.



In the event parents are not in agreement with the placement decision, they may make a written request to the Superintendent for a review of the findings. The Superintendent's decision shall be final.



Each child entering kindergarten shall be monitored early in the school year to allow for possible changes in kindergarten placement. When a placement change is contemplated, additional standardized testing will be administered by the school staff. The principal, the child's classroom teacher and the teacher will review this data and render a placement judgment. Following this review, the findings will be shared with the parents.



Individual student classroom assignments are made by the principal.

The administrative staff shall:



ensure that parents are informed about the kindergarten program and placement criteria;



oversee the in-service requirements of teachers and support staff involved in the kindergarten program;



supervise the kindergarten curriculum to ensure that the goals and objectives of the various levels are achieved.