Kent City Community Schools
Administrative Guidelines


Kindergarten Registration

The following guidelines shall be followed for the registration of all kindergarten students.



Children must be five (5) years old on or before September 1 unless a written request is provided by the parent and the child’s age meets State requirements.



Children must be registered by their parent(s) or guardian(s). Guardians must present proper certification of legal guardianship and, when applicable, a parent is to provide a copy of any custody arrangements.


If a birth certificate is not provided, the parent is to complete Form 5111 F1 and submit with the documentary evidence that is provided. If custody has been established by the courts, a copy of the court order must be provided.



All registrants shall receive a kindergarten screening as determined by the principal.



Final class placement will be made by each respective building principal on the basis of the evaluation mentioned above, a review of the student's records when available, and consultation with the appropriate staff members.



Kindergarten children shall be monitored early in the year to allow for possible changes in kindergarten placement. When a placement change is contemplated, additional standardized tests will be administered by the District's school psychologist and other certified personnel. The principal, the child's classroom teacher, and the District psychologist will review the data and render a placement judgement. Following this review, the findings will be shared with the parents.



Individual classroom assignments will be made by the building principal.

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