Kent City Community Schools
Administrative Guidelines


The following guidelines are established for the interviewing and screening of employee candidates:

Applications are to be made to AppliTrac.

The applicant is to read and sign Form 4120 F2 - which is then to be sent to the applicant's current or most recent employer along with a request for any records pertaining to the applicant's unprofessional conduct. No applicant may be hired if s/he refuses to sign this statement. Unprofessional conduct is defined as "one (1) or more acts of misconduct; one (1) or more acts of immorality, moral turpitude, or inappropriate behavior involving a minor; or commission of a crime involving a minor". A criminal conviction is not an essential element in determining whether or not a particular act constitutes unprofessional conduct.

Investigation Procedure

Checking of credentials should include, in addition to letters of reference, direct telephone calls to the person's recent supervisor(s) or employer, and review of any records of unprofessional conduct sent by the applicant's current or most recent employer. Such information shall be maintained in a confidential file restricted to supervisory and official use only so as to protect the source(s) of the information and the privacy of the applicant. Official use shall include disclosure to persons directly involved in the process of evaluating the applicant's qualifications for employment.