Kent City Community Schools
Administrative Guidelines
Table of Contents

4111aCreating a Position
4111bVerification of Employment Eligibility
4120Employment of Support Staff
4120cPre-Employment Interview Questions
4120dChecking References of Applicants
4120.04Employment of Substitute Support Staff
4120.09Use of Unpaid Volunteer Aides
4121Criminal History Record Check
4121.01Criminal Conviction Review Process
4122Nondiscrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity
4123aSection 504/ADA - Prohibition Against Disability Discrimination in Employment
4160aPhysical Examination
4160cEmergency Treatment and Board-Ordered Physical Examinations
4160dBus Driver Qualifications - Diabetes Exception
4162aAlcohol and Controlled Substance Testing
4162bHandling of Test Results, Record Retention, and Confidentiality
4170aSubstance Abuse
4179Staff Concerns
4211Whistleblower Protection
4231Outside Activities
4235Jury Duty/Court Appearance
4251Extra Duty
4362aReporting Threatening Behaviors
4421Federal Group Health Continuation (COBRA)
4421aImportant Notice of Employees' Right to Documentation of Health Coverage
4430.01FMLA Leave
4430.01bFMLA Recordkeeping Requirements
4440aJob-Related Expenses
4440bUse of Private Car for School Business
4440cUse of School Vehicle for School Business