Kent City Community Schools
Administrative Guidelines


The purpose of the Alternative High School is to provide a different program and learning environment for at-risk students who are not succeeding in the regular school setting.

Procedure for Alternative Program Placement

 A.Whenever the principal or Counselor has identified a potential student for the Alternative High School, a determination should be made whether or not the student is eligible under IDEA or Section 504 (see AG 2260).

 B.For any student not eligible under IDEA or 504, an educational plan should be developed based on the student's needs and the resources that would be needed or are available at the Alternative High School.

 C.Once a plan has been agreed upon by the principal and appropriate staff members, a meeting should be arranged with the parents to discuss the at-risk situation and educational plan and seek their concurrence.

 D.If all relevant parties concur with the move to the Alternative High School, the principal should follow the standard procedure for a student transfer from his/her school to another school. (See AG 5130).

Characteristics of the Educational Plan

When the educational plan has been completed, it should provide sufficient answers to the following questions:

 A.What learning objectives need to be met that cannot be met effectively in the current school environment?

 B.For each identified objective, what will the student be able to do or express that would confirm s/he has demonstrated the learning at a acceptable level of quality.

 C.What is the schedule of activities in which the student needs to participate in order to accomplish each of the learning objectives?

 D.What instructional resources (people, materials, technology, etc.) will be needed in order for the student to accomplish each of the learning objectives?

 E.What special accommodations will be necessary in order for the learning activities to be effective?

 F.What will be the means for assessing the extent to which the student has accomplished each of the learning objectives?

 G.What contingencies have been planned in the event the student does not achieve the learning objectives at an acceptable level of quality?

 H.What extra costs will be involved in providing this alternative educational program?