Kent City Community Schools
Administrative Guidelines


Whenever a principal is notified that an enrolled student will be homebound or hospitalized for a medical condition which will extend beyond five (5) school days, s/he should ensure that the following procedure takes place:

 A.Request written notification accompanied by certification by the attending physician of the student's condition and any limitations that will affect the student's ability to benefit from instruction.

 B.If the student is enrolled in special education, contact the Special Education Director regarding the student's IEP and the objectives to which homebound instructional efforts should be addressed. Since the teacher must be certified to teach toward the selected objectives, check with the ISD and the institution (if the student is hospitalized) to find out if either has qualified personnel available and at what charge. Arrange for a properly-certified teacher, at the lowest cost to the District, to provide the instruction for a minimum of two (2) nonconsecutive hours a week until the student is released to return to school.

 C.If the student is eligible under Section 504, examine the student's record to determine if there are any other factors, other than the current medical condition, which must be considered in providing homebound instruction. Then arrange, in the same manner described above, for a minimum of two (2) forty-five minute periods of instruction per week until the student is released to return to school.

 D.If a nondisabled student, consult with appropriate staff concerning the student's current academic status and make arrangements through the District, the ISD, or the institution providing care, for the least expensive, properly-certified teacher to provide a minimum of two (2) forty-five (45) minute periods of instruction per week until the student is released to return to school.

 E.If a student is institutionalized in another State or in Canada, arrangements for instruction can be made with a teacher properly-certified in that state or dominion.

 F.Accurate time sheets listing the dates and duration of instructional services must be kept of all homebound instruction and submitted by the end of each pay period, if an employee of the District. The time sheet is to be signed by the parent or institution of care. Time sheets of nondistrict teachers are to be submitted as per agreement with the institution or person providing the instruction.

 G.All instructional materials and supplies will be furnished by the school in which the student is registered.

 H.The student's regularly-assigned teacher(s) is responsible for assigning the content of the instruction, reviewing the results of the homebound or hospitalized instruction, and assigning a grade. The homebound/hospital teacher is to work with the regularly-assigned teacher(s) to assure the student receives the instruction, provide basic assistance to the student, and identify any problems or accommodations that may need the regularly-assigned teacher(s) attention.

 I.Instructors are to receive the mileage reimbursement at the established rate both to and from school and residence of the student.

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