Kent City Community Schools
Administrative Guidelines


Any staff member who wishes to take one or more students of the District on any type of trip which would not normally be considered a field trip or school-related trip as defined in Policy 2340, must obtain permission from the Superintendent prior to initiating any discussion of the trip with the student or his/her parents.

Permission to solicit may or may not be granted, depending upon the purpose and nature of the trip and the willingness of the staff member to comply with the conditions set forth for such solicitation. As indicated in Policy 2340, permission to solicit does not imply sponsorship by the District. Such sponsorship shall be granted in accordance with AG 2340C.

Should a staff member take any student of the District on a trip that is not sponsored by the Board, s/he assumes all liability for the welfare of the student. Under no circumstances may the staff member use the name or good offices of the District in any manner which would associate it with the trip or any person or group involved in the trip. If a staff member does not wish to comply with the guidelines for District sponsorship of a trip or the District will not wish to sponsor the trip, the following conditions will apply:

 A.In order to discuss on District premises any aspects of a nondistrict-sponsored trip, it is necessary for the staff member or any other person involved to follow the District's procedures for Use of Facilities (see AG 7510A) which require that an application be submitted for use of a facility during nonschool hours.

 B.The District will not allow:

  1.use of any staff member's time while on duty and on District premises;

  2.use of any District facilities except in accordance with AG 7510A;

  3.use of any names which would associate the trip with the District or any of its school programs.

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