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Letter of Reference: The School Board recognizes that an employee’s request to an administrator for a letter of reference is an opportunity to share information about the staff member’s performance with prospective employers. A current or former employee has no expectation that a letter of reference will be written upon request. The decision to comply with such a request shall be solely at the discretion of the administrator.

If an administrator opts to prepare such a letter, the Board expects that administrator to provide specific and truthful comments concerning the employee’s actual performance that can be substantiated by the individual’s personnel file.

Employment Reference:

Notwithstanding the preceding provision giving an administrator discretion to provide a letter of reference to a current or former employee, if another school makes a request for an employment reference for a current or former employee, in compliance with I.C. 20-26-5-11.5, the administrator shall disclose to the requesting school any incident known by the School Corporation in which the employee committed an act resulting in a substantiated report of abuse or neglect under Indiana law.

All Corporation employees, including but not limited to an administrator who prepares a letter of reference or provides an employment reference pursuant to this policy, are prohibited from assisting a Corporation employee, contractor or agent in obtaining a new job if s/he knows or has probable cause to believe that such Corporation employee, contractor or agent engaged in sexual misconduct regarding a minor or student in violation of State or Federal law. "Assisting" does not include the routine transmission of administrative and personnel files. The only exceptions permitted are those authorized by the Every Student Succeeds Act, such as where the matter has been investigated by law enforcement and the matter was officially closed due to lack of probable cause or where the individual was acquitted or otherwise exonerated of the alleged misconduct.

I.C. 20-26-5-11.5
SI.C. 22-5-3-1
Section 8546 of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Adopted 3/7/06
Revised 12/19/06
Revised 2/21/17

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