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To protect students and staff members, the Board requires an inquiry into the personal background of each employee of a contractor or sub-contractor who is likely to have direct, on-going contact with children within the scope of their employment.

The Superintendent shall establish the necessary procedures to provide that contractors and sub-contractors conduct an inquiry into the background information of these employees that shall include the following: expanded criminal history check as defined by I.C. 20-26-2-1.5

 B.a search of the national sex offender registry maintained by the United States Department of Justice

 C.arrest and/or filing of criminal charges against each employee within two (2) business days of the occurrence and the disposition of such arrest or filing of charges concerning employees of contractors and sub-contractors

 D.verification of enrollment in and use of the federal E-Verify program to check eligibility to be employed (all employees)

 E.a detailed background history including all prior employment and volunteer positions Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles driver history if the position involves driving

Personally identifiable information reported to the Corporation in the implementation of this policy shall not be released except as necessary to implement this policy or to defend a decision made pursuant to this policy.

Each contractor and sub-contractor providing services to the Corporation shall screen all employees who are likely to have direct, on-going contact with children in the course of providing services to the Corporation. Screening shall only be required one (1) time during the period of the current contract with the Corporation as long as the contractor has continuously screened new hires, and required the same of its sub-contractors and required that these employees report arrest and the filing of criminal charges against them. Compliance with this requirement shall be verified by either:

 A.inclusion of the requirement as material term of the contractor's or sub-contractor's contract; or

 B.execution of a certificate of compliance with this policy which shall be maintained with the contract in the Corporation's files.

Non-compliance with these requirements shall be a breach of a material term of any contract between a contractor/sub-contractor and the Corporation.

The Superintendent shall develop administrative guidelines to implement this policy. These procedures shall provide for the review of each reported arrest and/or criminal charge and for a response to the reported information that protects members of the school community from persons who may be dangerous to them. Failure of a contractor or sub-contractor to remove an employee from direct contact with students, upon request from the Superintendent, shall be considered to be a material breach of the contractor's or sub-contractor's contract with the Corporation.

I.C. 10-13-3
I.C. 20-26-2-1.5
I.C. 20-26-5-10, -11

Adopted 6/19/07
Revised 5/1/12
Revised 3/1/16
Revised 2/21/17
Revised 12/5/17

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