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The School Board recognizes its staff members' right to privacy in their personal lives. This policy serves to inform staff members of the Corporation's position with respect to staff member privacy in the educational and workplace setting and to protect the Corporation's interests.

All Corporation Technology Resources (as defined in Bylaw 0100) are the Corporation's property and are to be used primarily for business purposes. The Corporation retains the right to access and review all Information Resources (as defined in Bylaw 0100), including but not limited to electronic and voice mail, computer files, data bases, and any other electronic transmissions contained in or used in conjunction with the Corporation's computer system/network, telephone system, electronic mail system, and voice mail system. Staff members should have no expectation that any personal information or data maintained, stored, or transmitted on or through such systems is confidential or private.

Review of such information may be done by the Corporation with or without the staff member's knowledge. The use of passwords does not guarantee confidentiality, and the Corporation retains the right to access information in spite of a password. A staff member's refusal to permit such access may be grounds for discipline up to and including discharge.

Corporation Technology Resources are to be used for business and educational purposes. Personal messages via Corporation-owned technology should be limited in accordance with the Superintendent's guidelines. Staff members are encouraged to keep their personal records and personal business at home.

Because Corporation Technology Resources are to be used primarily for business and educational purposes, staff members are prohibited from sending offensive, discriminatory, or harassing computer, electronic, or voice mail messages.

Corporation Technology Resources must be used properly. Review of computer files, electronic mail, and voice mail will be done only in the ordinary course of business and will be motivated by a legitimate business reason. If a staff member's personal information is discovered, the contents of such discovery will not be reviewed by the Corporation except to the extent necessary to determine if the Corporation's interests have been compromised. Any information discovered will be limited to those who have a specific need to know that information.

The administrators and supervisory staff members authorized by the Superintendent have the authority to search and access information electronically.

All Corporation Technology Resources and Corporation Information Resources are the property of the Board. Staff members shall not copy, delete, or remove any information or data contained on Corporation Technology Resources or communicate any such information to unauthorized individuals without the express permission of the Superintendent. In addition, staff members shall not copy or download software onto any Corporation Technology Resources and shall not bring software from outside sources for use on Corporation Technology Resources without the prior approval of the Technology Director. Such pre-approval shall include a review of any copyright infringements or virus problems associated with such outside software.

Revised 11/6/01
Revised 2/21/17

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