John Glenn School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


From time-to-time, the School Board may wish to commemorate a school or Corporation facility (gymnasium, swimming pool, athletic field, etc.) by means of a plaque, naming the facility after a person, or some other honor. Such commemoration should be reserved only for those individuals who have made a significant contribution to the enhancement of education generally or the Corporation in particular or to the well-being of the Corporation, community, State or nation. In the event of the death of a student, recognition and/or a memorial commemorating the life of the student is acceptable. In these circumstances the Board strongly encourages forms of living recognition. Such memorials may include scholarships, plantings, donation and/or other similar ways of honoring the life of the student that are consistent with the mission of the Corporation.

Any employee of the Corporation thus honored must be deceased or no longer employed by the Corporation prior to the Board's selection of his/her name for commemoration honor.

Adopted 12/16/97
Revised 3/13/03