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Application of this Policy

This policy applies to "visitors" meaning persons who come onto property or a vehicle owned by the Corporation or used by the Corporation for school purposes. The term includes members of the general public, students enrolled in other schools or school corporations, and employees of entities providing services to the Corporation, but does not include Corporation employees covered by Policy 3217 or Policy 4217 or currently enrolled students.

Possession of a "Weapon" other than a "Firearm" by a Visitor

The Board of School Trustees prohibits visitors from possessing, storing, making, or using a weapon other than a firearm in any setting that is under the control or supervision of the Corporation staff for the purpose of activities approved and authorized by the Corporation including, but not limited to, property leased, owned, or contracted for by the Board for, a school event, or in a vehicle that is owned, leased, or contracted for use by the Board. This prohibition does not apply to weapons under the control of a law enforcement officer.

As used in this policy, "weapon" means an object other than a firearm which, in the manner in which it is used, intended to be used, or represented by the person possessing the object, is capable of inflicting serious bodily harm or property damage, or endangering the health or safety of persons. As used in this policy, the term includes but is not limited to a stun gun, an air and gas-powered weapon that is capable of discharging a projectile, a knife, razor, club, electric weapon, chemical weapon, metallic knuckles, a martial arts weapon, ammunition, and destructive devices (bomb, incendiary device, grenade, Molotov cocktail, or a rocket with a propellant charge of more than four (4) ounces).

As used in this policy, "knife" means an instrument that consists of a sharp edge or sharp pointed blade capable of inflicting cutting, stabbing, or tearing wounds - and is intended to be used as a weapon.

Possession of a "Firearm" by a Visitor

The possession of a firearm in or on school property, in or on property that is being used by a school for a school function, or on a school bus is a Class D (Level 6) felony (I.C. 35-47-9-2) under Indiana law. As used in this policy and as defined by Indiana law, "firearm" means any weapon that is capable of expelling, designed to expel, or that may readily be converted to expel a projectile by means of an explosion. Possession includes storing the firearm in a personal vehicle while on school property. This Statute applies to all persons other than law enforcement officers and school resource officers.

This Statute applies to persons who have a personal protection permit to carry a firearm, but does not apply to a person who may legally possess a firearm and whose possession of a firearm on school property is limited to possession of the firearm in a motor vehicle that is being operated by the person to transport another person to or from a school or a school function.

Reporting Violations of this Policy

The Superintendent will report a visitor who violates this policy to law enforcement officials and may take any steps necessary to exclude the visitor from Corporation property and Corporation sponsored events.

This policy shall not be applied in the following circumstances if approved by the principal of the school in which the possession takes place:



theatrical props used in appropriate settings;



starter pistols used in appropriate school related sporting events.

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Revised 12/15/98
Revised 8/7/01
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Revised 12/19/06
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