John Glenn School Corporation
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This policy applies to the use of any form of crowdfunding utilizing an online service or website-based platform for the financial benefit or gain of the School Corporation  be it a specific classroom, grade level, department, school, or curricular or extra-curricular activity. For purposes of this policy, "crowdfunding" refers to a campaign to collect typically small amounts of money from a large number of individuals to finance a project or fundraise for a specific cause. Through the use of personal networking, social media platforms, and other Internet based resources, funds are solicited or raised to support a specific campaign or project.

Crowdfunding activities aimed at raising funds for a specific classroom or school activity, including extra-curricular activity, or to obtain supplemental resources (e.g., supplies or equipment) that are not required to provide a free appropriate public education to any students in the classroom may be permitted, but only with the specific approval of the Superintendent.

All crowdfunding activities are subject to this policy and other applicable Board policies including, but not limited to, Policy 5830 Student Fundraising, Policy 9211 Corporation-Support Organizations, and Policy 9700 Relations with Special Interest Groups as well as any administrative guidelines approved by the Superintendent to implement this policy.

Adopted 2/21/17

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