John Glenn School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


The School Board authorizes the purchasing agent to conduct a reverse auction for the purchase of supplies by using an Internet purchasing site for issuing an invitation for bids and receiving bids.

The purchasing agent shall establish procedures for:

 A.transmitting notices, solicitations, and specifications;

 B.receiving offers;

 C.making payments;

 D.protecting the identity of the bidder and the amount of an offer until the time fixed for opening the offers;

 E.providing for the display of the amount of each offer previously submitted for public viewing;

 F.establishing the deadline by which offers must be received and will be considered to be open and available for public inspection;

 G.establishing procedures for the opening of offers;

 H.maintaining adequate documentation regarding reverse auctions so that the transactions may be audited according to law.

I.C. 5-22-7.5

Adopted 3/7/06