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The School Board believes that early recognition and treatment of alcohol or drug abuse is important for successful rehabilitation, return to productive work, and reduced personal, family, and social disruption.

The Corporation encourages the earliest possible diagnosis and treatment for alcoholism and drug abuse and supports sound treatment efforts. Whenever feasible, and subject to the limitations described here, the Corporation will assist staff members in overcoming their alcohol or drug abuse problem. However, the decision to seek diagnosis and accept treatment for drug use or controlled substance abuse is primarily the individual staff member's responsibility.


Staff members with personal alcohol or drug abuse problems should request assistance from the Superintendent. Assistance will be provided on a confidential basis, and each staff member will be referred to the appropriate treatment and counseling services. Staff members who, in dealing with alcohol or drug abuse problems, voluntarily request assistance through the EAP may do so without jeopardizing their present employment with the Corporation subject to compliance with Board Policy 3122.01 - Drug-Free Workplace.

Corporation Referral

Staff members who test positive for alcohol and/or drug use/abuse and who are referred, at Corporation request, for counseling or treatment will be limited to one (1) opportunity for counseling or treatment to cease the use of alcohol and/or drugs.

A second positive test for the use of illegal drugs will result in immediate termination.

Special Considerations

All Corporation-requested staff member treatment and counseling will require, at a minimum, that the staff member immediately cease any alcohol or drug use/abuse and that the staff member be subject to periodic unannounced testing for an eighteen (18) month period following enrollment in the program.

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