John Glenn School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


The School Board may conduct a summer program of academic instruction, State-mandated testing, assessments, remediation and/or recreational activities in grades 1-12 for resident students of this Corporation and such other students as the Board may admit.

Summer school instruction shall be designed to provide opportunities for students to:

 A.improve learning skills;

 B.make up a failed course;

 C.enrich a scholastic program;

 D.explore new academic areas;

 E.earn additional credits toward graduation.

The Board shall annually approve a summer school program. In order to support such a program of summer instruction, the Board will:

 A.employ teaching and administrative staff;

 B.purchase such books, materials, supplies, and equipment as may be necessary;

 C.appoint the director;

 D.make available school facilities as required;

 E.provide necessary custodial services.

Tuition fees shall not be charged to students domiciled within the Corporation.

Tuition shall be charged for nonresident students at rates as determined by the Board.

Instructional fees may be charged to all students, when necessary.

With regard to transportation, the Board accepts responsibility for disabled and disadvantaged students, if Case Conference so determines, and for those resident students who are required to attend summer school.

The Superintendent shall be responsible for developing administrative guidelines for the operation of the summer program which shall be consistent with Board policies and not conflict in any way with the administration of the regular school sessions of the Corporation.

I.C. 20-10.1-7-12 and 13; 20-10.1-7-4.5; 20-10.1-5.5-6