John Glenn School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


In compliance with law, the School Board may require students to submit to periodic health examinations to:

 A.protect the school community from the spread of communicable disease;

 B.determine that each student's participation in health, safety, and physical education courses meets his/her individual needs;

 C.determine that the learning potential of each child is not lessened by a remediable physical disability;

 D.determine if participation in physical education classes would be harmful to the individual.

All kindergarten or first grade children attending the School Corporation for the first time must have a physical examination. Physical examinations given in kindergarten are transferable to the first grade and another exam does not need to be given.

All results of this exam must appear on a School Corporation form or the County Health Department form, whichever is being used at the time of the physical.

All costs of said examinations are the responsibility of the student's parents or guardian.

All transfer students into the School Corporation who have no record of a physical exam from their previous school must take a physical examination.

The Corporation shall specify the need for additional services which may include, but not be limited to:

 A.student physical examinations;

 B.athlete physical examinations; examinations; screening;

 E.audiometric screening;

 F.scoliosis screening.

Any health services program should also include instruction to staff members on the observance of students for conditions that indicate physical defect or disability.

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