John Glenn School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


Since the mission of the Corporation is to provide a quality education for all of the students, the Board of Education believes the mission is being accomplished when students confirm that they have achieved the following educational goals.

During and upon completion of the educational program of the Corporation, an educated student should achieve the following learning expectations desired levels of quality.

 A.Communication Skills

The student demonstrates that s/he:

__ is independently efficient in solving life problems which require the use of both oral and written language;

__ can logically examine and subsequently use information from various appropriate resources;

__ understands and responds appropriately to the communication of others and to their feelings and attitudes;

__ is capable of selecting, adopting, and using the most appropriate language forms to achieve his/her communication purpose.

 B.General Education

The student demonstrates that s/he:

__ has sufficient fundamental knowledge and skills in traditional school subjects to enable him/her to meet his/her responsibilities as a participating member of society;

__ can establish and pursue educational, vocational, and/or avocational goals of his/her own;

__ seeks to learn continuously using appropriate informational resources.

 C.Pride and Ethics

The student demonstrates that s/he:

__ has pride in his/her work, based on a realistic assessment of his/her abilities and accomplishments;

__ displays responsible, ethical, and moral behavior consistent with societal standards and reflecting a commitment to use his/her capabilities to achieve and maintain a purposeful and productive life.

 D.Interaction and Cooperation

The student demonstrates that s/he:

__ interacts effectively with individuals, treating their ideas and ideals with thoughtfulness and respect;

__ is willing to cooperate with others to accomplish endeavors beneficial to society.


The student demonstrates that s/he:

__ understands and is committed to the ideas and ideals upon which our democratic society was founded;

__ considers it a responsibility and a privilege to participate, in appropriate ways, in democratic processes at local, State, and National levels.

 F.Arts and Culture

The student demonstrates that s/he:

__ appreciates and supports artistic endeavors and natural beauty;

__ is cultivating his/her own creative self-expression and talents in one or more art forms.

 G.Social Change

The student demonstrates that s/he:

__ understands the nature of societal change;

__ adjusts to change by evaluating current social conditions and events; assessing alternative courses of action in terms of feasibility and potential consequences; selecting or recommending those actions which permit him/her and others to function appropriately in society.


The student demonstrates that s/he:

__ understands and cares about his/her and other peoples physical and mental well-being through selected involvement in personal and public programs which promote acceptable levels of health and safety.

I. Resource Management

The student demonstrates that s/he:

__ effectively manages money, property, and resources to meet his/her needs so as to contribute positively to meeting the economic and environmental needs of society.

 J.Career Planning

The student demonstrates that s/he:

__ effectively uses a variety of personal and public resources to further his/her knowledge of career opportunities;

__ is committed to developing the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed to qualify for and perform effectively in his/her chosen employment.

 K.Leisure Time

The student demonstrates that s/he:

__ uses leisure time constructively to fully realize his/her physical, intellectual, and/or creative potentials.

The Board believes that all students in this Corporation will be able to demonstrate these applied learnings, at a level that is commensurate with their age and capabilities.

The Superintendent is charged with the responsibility for providing, through the Corporation's curriculum and appropriate administrative guidelines, opportunities for each student to accomplish these goals as well as a valid means for assessing the extent to which each is accomplished.

Student achievement of these educational goals represents the Board's highest priority. It should be the highest priority, as well, for the administration and for all members of the staff.