John Glenn School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies

0170 - DUTIES







The President of the School Board shall:

 A.preside at meetings of the Board;

 B.cause an action to be prosecuted in the name of the Corporation on the Treasurer's bond in case of breach of a condition of the bond;

 C.perform other duties appropriate to the office of the President.




The Vice-President of the School Board shall:

 A.preside at meetings of the Board when the President is not able to attend;

 B.perform other duties appropriate to the office of Vice-President as the Board determines; case of a vacancy in the office of President, succeed to the office of President for the balance of the unexpired term.




The Secretary of the School Board shall:

 A.preside at meetings of the Board when the President and Vice-President are unable to attend;

 B.record and sign the minutes of meetings, orders, resolutions, and other proceedings of the Board in proper record books;

 C.sign the annual report of the Corporation and other reports required by the State Board;

 D.perform other duties required by law or by the School Board.




The School Board shall appoint a person, other than the Superintendent or a member of the Board, to serve as treasurer of the Corporation.


The Treasurer shall be the official custodian of all funds of the Corporation and shall be responsible for the proper safeguarding and accounting for all such funds.


In addition, the Treasurer shall issue a receipt for all funds coming into his/her hands as well as deposit money and issue all warrants in accordance with law.


The Treasurer may also transact Corporation financial business through the use of electronic funds transfer.


The Treasurer may, with the approval of the Board, delegate the regular duties associated with his/her responsibility to a deputy, providing that person is not the Superintendent or a member of the Board.


Revised 6/1/99



Legal Counsel


The School Board may appoint a legal counsel whose duty shall be to advise the Board and the Superintendent and others as designated by the Superintendent on specific legal problems submitted by the Superintendent and to make such recommendations as required. The legal counsel shall also represent the Board where required by law.





The School Board shall publish a financial report and an annual report as required by law. In addition the Board shall publish other reports it deems necessary to keep the community and governmental authorities adequately informed about the operation of the Corporation.


I.C. 5-11-1-4


Association Memberships


The School Board may maintain membership in the National and State School Boards Associations and shall take part in the activities of these groups.


The Board may also maintain institutional memberships in other educational organizations which the Superintendent and Board find to be of benefit to members and Corporation personnel.


The materials and other benefits of these memberships will be distributed and used to the best advantage of the Board and staff.



School Board Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops


The School Board recognizes the value of membership and attendance at conferences and meetings at the local, County, State, and National level.


Attendance at local, County, and State workshops and conferences is encouraged.


Each Board member is expected to report back to the Board after attending a conference at Corporation expense.


Travel and personal expenses of spouse, children, or other guests traveling with a Board member shall be the responsibility of the Board member or of the individual. Expenses for convention functions attended as a group will be borne by the Corporation within budgetary limits.