John Glenn School Corporation
Table of Contents

3120f1New Employee Orientation Checklist
3120f2Form Letter Regarding Teachers Who are Not Highly Qualified
3120df1Authorization to Contact Employment References
3120df2Information from Telephone Reference
3120.08f1Activity Assignment Nonfaculty Personnel
3121f1Pre-Employment Requirements
3121f2Request for a Criminal History Record Check
3122f2Staff Request for Reasonable Accommodation (504/ADA)
3122f8Notice of Nondiscrimination and Complaint Procedures (Including Title II, Title VI, Title VII, and Title IX, Section 504, Age Act, and ADA)
3122.01f1Certification of Drug-Free Schools
3122.01f3Memorandum to Staff Members on Federal Regulations Concerning Drug Prevention
3123bf1Section 504/ADA Internal Complaint - Employee/Other
3141f1Termination/Resignation Form
3160f1Emergency Medical Authorization Permit
3160f2Authority to Release Medical Records/Information
3242cf1Rating the Quality of a Staff Development Program
3243f1Professional Meeting/Visitation Request Form
3243f2Professional Meeting Reimbursement Request Form
3362f1Report of Harassment
3421af1Request for Certificate of Health Coverage
3421af2Certificate of Group Health Plan Coverage