John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


Any organization that seeks or is requested to provide materials or equipment to the Corporation which contains or has associated with its messages which are designed to sell a product or service must submit the request to the Superintendent before the item(s) is used by the Corporation.

The determination as to the appropriateness of the commercial message will be based on the following criteria:

 A.The message does not relate to a product which is inappropriate for or illegal to minors.

 B.The message does not relate to a product or service that would be considered educationally controversial or objectionable to a significant number of parents or other members of the Corporation's community.

 C.The message can be presented without loss of instructional time.

 D.The message consists of no more than the name of the product (service) and/or the name of the sponsoring organization.

 E.The primary intent of the sponsor is to provide the Corporation with an item that is beneficial to the Corporation rather than to provide a means for the sponsor to sell a product or service.

The administration recognizes that certain publications such as newspapers and magazines used in a classroom or media center contain advertisements. It is the responsibility of the staff member who obtains any such materials to review them so as to ensure there are no editorial matter or advertisements that promotes illegal, promiscuous, or prurient behavior or fosters any form of prejudice against any group of people.