John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


The following guidelines should be used by committees formed to review complaint concerning instructional materials.

 A.A chairman and a secretary will be selected by the Superintendent prior to the initial meeting.

 B.When a Materials Reconsideration Form 9130 F1 has been completed, the challenged materials or the challenged materials used in dealing with the controversial issue will be reviewed by the Materials Reconsideration Committee. The principal shall have five (5) working days to relay the reconsideration form to the committee. The committee shall have up to twenty (20) school days after receiving the reconsideration form to make a decision about removing or retaining the material. During this action, the right of a student to use an alternate assignment will be provided. However, the right not to use that particular material does not mean the right to prevent others from using it. The removal of a book, record, video, filmstrip, etc., should be a last resort that occurs only after the entire complaint procedure has been followed.

 C.Before the meeting, the committee will read and examine the challenged materials, a copy of the reconsideration form, and a set of the written objectives provided by the teacher for the material in question.
  The following procedure will be adhered to during the initial committee meeting:

  1.Since this is a public meeting, the complainant as well as other observers may attend the committee meetings.

  2.The complainant may make an initial verbal presentation regarding the materials under consideration.

  3.Observers may then be invited to voice their views; however, after those opportunities, the complainant and other observers may not participate in the committee's deliberations unless requested to do so by the chairman.

  4.During this meeting or subsequent one, the committee shall make its decision to remove or retain the material. The committee shall decide on rules, regulations, and method of voting.

  5.The committee reserves the right to use outside expertise if necessary to help in its decision-making process.

  6.The committee's written decision by a simple majority shall be presented within fifteen (15) working days to the Superintendent who will see the implementation of the decision takes place. The Superintendent will notify the complainant in writing of the committee's decision.

  7.An appeal of the decision of the committee may be made by the complainant within two (2) weeks to the Superintendent and Board of Education. The School Board and the Superintendent will make the final decision on the complaint. The decision will be made at the next regular meeting of the Board or a special meeting within ten (10) days of the second complaint. The Board reserves the right to use outside expertise if necessary to help in its decision making. The chairman will represent the Materials Reconsideration Committee at this meeting.

  8.To ensure that any press coverage is accurate, the administrative representative on the committee will provide information from the school perspective.

  9.A decision to sustain a challenge shall not be interpreted as a judgement of irresponsibility on the part of the professionals involved in the original selection or use of the material.

  10.Requests to reconsider materials which have been previously before the committee must receive approval of a majority of the committee members before the materials will again be reconsidered.

Minutes of each meeting will be kept by the secretary and distributed to the petitioner, the committee, and the Superintendent.