John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


The Superintendent will function as the Corporation's communication representative with the news media and the principal will serve that function at the school level. In order to maintain a progressive and coordinated program of public relations for the Corporation, it is essential that:

 A.staff members not give school information or an interview requested by representatives of the news media without prior approval of the school communication representative who will either set up an appointment for this purpose which will not interfere with the staff member's daily activities, or speak to the media representative about the matter personally;

 B.anyone given permission to photograph a nonpublic school event or activity must submit the photographs to the principal for approval prior to their use in order to avoid possible invasion of privacy problems; cases where there is doubt with regard to taste or privacy, but where it is felt that the publishing of the photograph serves a purpose which is in the best interests of the Corporation, the communications representative will not authorize the use of the photograph without first obtaining a release from the individual(s) concerned or their parent or guardian;

 D.students are not permitted, during school hours or on school property, to provide information about school activities or an interview to representatives of the news media without prior approval of the school communications representative who is to be present at all such meetings with news media representatives.

The Corporation and each school's communications representative shall: readily available to media representatives;

 B.provide media representatives upon their request with all facts that give a true picture to the best of his/her knowledge, requesting, at the same time, that they not publish or broadcast any facts which are injurious to Corporation personnel or students, or which would serve no constructive purpose;

 C.keep media representatives fully informed with regard to the school system in all aspects, activities, and changes, so that any reporting will be done on the basis of a complete and valid overview;

 D.submit, suggest, or request feature stories or articles to media representatives which are of interest or importance;

 E.provide an agenda and other "background" material to media representatives who attend meetings of the Board; periodically with representatives of the news media to discuss Corporation progress and problems and/or review general media impressions of the School Corporation;

 G.assist various school-related groups in their relations with the news media;

 H.protect school personnel from any unnecessary demands on their time by news media representatives.