John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


These guidelines are to be followed whenever a staff member will be transporting students by a private vehicle whether it be his/her vehicle or some other person's. This guideline does not apply if the vehicle is a bus or van chartered from a licensed operator. In such cases, the Transportation Department shall be responsible for arranging for the chartered vehicle.

 A.Determine that transportation by Corporation vehicle is either not available or is not feasible.

 B.Make sure that the intended private vehicle is in proper working condition, seat belts are available for each passenger, and the vehicle is insured for liability in an amount not less than $500,000 - $1,000,000.

 C.Obtain written consent from each student's parent using Form 8660 F2 - Parental Consent for Transportation by Private Vehicle. No student shall be allowed to ride in the vehicle without his/her parent's written consent.

 D.Submit Form 8660 F1 - Request for Transportation by Private Vehicle to the Principal for his/her approval at least ten (10) days prior to the trip. Attach the parent consent forms to the request form.

 E.If the trip is out-of-town and the transportation is approved, arrange for a copy of each student's Emergency Medical Authorization Form 5341 F1 which is to be kept in the vehicle during the entire trip.

 F.Upon return of the vehicle to the school, make sure each student has proper transportation home and remain at the school, until all students have left school property.