John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


Each school facility is to meet criteria established by the ISDH. During inspections by the ISDH, the inspector will investigate any condition that is or could be contributing to poor air quality including, but not limited to the following: carbon dioxide levels, humidity, evidence of mold or water damage, and excess dust.

Criteria established by the ISDH are as follows:



Carbon dioxide levels shall never exceed seven hundred (700) ppm over the outdoor carbon dioxide concentration.



Outdoor air shall be supplied to classrooms when occupied.



Heating facilities shall be capable of and operated during periods of student occupancy to maintain a temperature not less than sixty-eight (68) degrees Fahrenheit in all instructional rooms, offices, locker rooms, and cafeteria; sixty-five (65) degrees Fahrenheit in activity rooms and shops; and sixty (60) degrees Fahrenheit in interior toilet rooms.



When air conditioning is being provided, the system shall be capable of providing and operating during times of student occupancy to maintain a temperature not to exceed seventy-eight (78) degrees Fahrenheit and sixty-five percent (65%) relative humidity.



The school corporation shall establish and maintain a written procedure for routine maintenance of the heating, ventilating and air conditioning system (HVAC). This procedure shall include the following items:



a schedule for inspecting the HVAC system, including annual inspection



ensuring that all supply and return air pathways in the HVAC system are unobstructed and perform as required



a schedule for cleaning the HVAC coils at least annually



a schedule for inspecting and changing filters

This written procedure for routine maintenance, as well as a log verifying the maintenance was completed in a timely manner including the logging of cleaning and filter changes of the HVAC system, shall be made available for the state inspector’s review and maintained for a minimum of three (3) years.

Indiana Department of Health Model Policies
I.C. 16-19-3-5, 16-41-37.5
410 IAC 33-4-1 through 8

Approved 5/21/13

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