John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


The Board will develop and implement a plan of corrective action in order to reduce the rate of weapon-related incidents and violent criminal offenses that occur in or on school grounds (i.e., in or on Corporation buildings, grounds, and bus transportation to and from school, Corporation-sponsored activities and designated bus stops) and/or result in students being removed from the school. The plan will be developed within twenty (20) days of the school being designated as persistently dangerous and consider corrective action including, but not limited to, the following:

 A.hiring additional personnel to supervise students in common areas:

 B.increasing instructional activities in areas such as conflict resolution;

 C.working with law enforcement officials to identify and eliminate gang-related activities; training of teachers and administrators regarding the consistent enforcement of school discipline rules and policies;

 E.limiting access to campus;

 F.hiring additional security personnel and security equipment.

Upon completion and implementation of the plan of corrective action, the Board will apply to the State Board of Education to have the school removed from the list of persistently dangerous schools. However, should the school remain on the list, students will be provided with the opportunity to transfer to a safe school in accordance with Policy 5113.02 and AG 5113.02.

Corporation Police

In establishing a School Corporation Police Department, the Board may appoint police officers, prescribe their duties and direct the conduct of the police officers, prescribe uniforms, and provide emergency vehicles.

An individual appointed as a School Corporation police officer must successfully complete at least:

 A.the pre-basic training course (I.C. 5-2-1-9(f));

 B.the minimum basic training and educational requirements as adopted by the Law Enforcement Training Board (I.C. 5-2-1-9) as necessary for employment as a law enforcement officer; and

 C.the training, as approved by the State Board of Education, that will enable the officer to appropriately deal with individuals with autism and Asperger's syndrome.

An individual appointed as a School Corporation police officer may not:

 A.make an arrest;

 B.conduct a search or a seizure of a person or property; or

 C.carry a firearm.

A School Corporation police officer: a law enforcement officer (I.C. 5-2-1-2(1));

 B.must take an appropriate oath of office in a form and manner prescribed by the Board;

 C.serves at the Board's pleasure; and

 D.performs the duties that the Board assigns.

School Corporation police officers shall enforce and assist Corporation administrators and other employees in the enforcement of the rules and regulations of the School Corporation and shall assist and cooperate with other law enforcement agencies and officers.

Corporation police officers may exercise law enforcement authority only upon property owned, leased, or occupied by the School Corporation and as established by agreement with the appropriate law enforcement agency of jurisdiction.

Approved 6/05
Revised 10/30/07