John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


In accordance with School Board policy, the personal and volunteer history will be thoroughly investigated of each individual who is seriously being considered for a volunteer position who is likely to have direct, ongoing contact with students.

In addition to the information obtained through the volunteer procedure, a criminal history record check must be conducted.

The School Principal will be responsible for ensuring that the individual seeking to volunteer submits a Limited Criminal History Record Check.

If the Corporation's investigation and/or Limited Criminal History Record Check reveals that an individual has been involved in some unlawful behavior, such information should be examined in light of:



the nature of the unlawful behavior, e.g. was it a felony or a misdemeanor? Did it involve violence? Was it sex related? Was it child related? etc.;



did the behavior result in a conviction;



how recently the behavior occurred and the behavior of the individual in the interim;



the relationship of the behavior to the duties the person would be assuming as a volunteer;



the likelihood that the individual would represent a potential threat of injury to or loss/damage to property;



the likelihood that the individual would present a potential threat of injury to or loss/damage to persons;



the extent that the position involves being an exemplar to students and the potential for the presentation of a negative exemplar;



the manner in which the information came to the Corporation's attention, i.e., offered by the individual or reported through an investigation.

The final decision concerning the volunteer (or possible removal if the information comes to light after volunteering) will be made by the School Principal.

Approved 2/21/17
Revised 12/5/17

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