John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


A. When will the Board of Education decide to use metal detectors in the schools?

B. Will metal detectors be used in the elementary, middle, and high schools?

C. Why does the Board of Education want a policy permitting the use of metal detectors in high schools and middle schools?

D. What type of metal detectors will be used under the proposed program?

E. Who will conduct the metal detector searches?

F. When will metal detector searches be performed?

G. Will students or their parents be informed in advance regarding the specific dates on which metal detector searches will occur?

H. Will parents be notified about the program before it is implemented?

I. Does this type of metal detector search infringe the constitutional rights of students?

J. What will be the duration of the program?

K. Has this type of program been used in other corporations in the State?

L. What is the cost of this program?

M. How will the schools be chosen in which the metal detectors will be used?

N. Will parents be notified if their child is suspected of possession of a weapon?

O. Will students have the right to a hearing before discipline is administered for the possession of a weapon?

Approved 3/99