John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


 A.Distribution of Keys
  Master facility keys will be distributed by the maintenance director to the principal of each building. Only those staff members who are responsible for the operation of a particular space shall receive a key. Each of those staff members are responsible for limiting further distribution only to those persons who have established a definite need for keys in order to fulfill their assignments.  
  In general, staff members shall be provided only the key to the space(s) they use and to other areas in which they have a legitimate responsibility. The principal will maintain a file of master keys. Any unauthorized person found to have a master key or a duplicate in his/her possession shall be held in violation of this guideline.

  In order to be properly protected against theft:

  1.staff members are expected to obtain room, desk, and closet keys from the school office at the beginning of the school term; money or valuables are to be left in the room; no time shall students be given keys for their use;

  4.staff members must keep possession of their keys;

  5.staff members should secure valuables at all times;

  6.classroom doors should be kept locked when the classroom is empty;

  7.prior to leaving school each day, staff members must close windows and lock doors to their rooms;

  8.staff members are responsible for the equipment and supplies in their classrooms or offices. Should any items "disappear", the principal must be notified immediately.

 C.Use of Video Surveillance Equipment

  1.The maintenance director is responsible for installing and maintaining video cameras for twenty-four (24) hour surveillance.

  2.The maintenance director is also responsible for establishing and maintaining signs in locations near the cameras, particularly in areas where there is reasonable expectation of privacy such as lavatories, so that staff, students, and visitors are aware of these devices.

  3.The video tapes are to be retrieved from each camera periodically and submitted to the principal. S/He will make the decision as to whether a tape needs to be saved or may be reused.

  4.The principal shall ensure that a tape showing student behavior is viewed only by those who are authorized.

  5.Any disciplinary action against a student or staff member resulting from evidence garnered from the tapes will be in accordance with the procedures described in the student handbooks or in a negotiated agreement.

 D.Central Alarm System
  Each staff member shall be provided the appropriate entry and exit procedures when s/he receives authorization to enter Corporation facilities when the facilities are closed.